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7 Template Rules


Seven Rules for a Successful Template Roll-Out
Over the past 25 years we have been involved with the building and rollout of templates for many organisations, large and small.  From this experience we have compiled these seven rules, which if followed will provide your organisation with a successful implementation and user acceptance.

  • Listen to your users needs. Add styles that people want - titles, underlining, and new toolbars that aid in easily applying styles.  Provide the opportunity for all business groups and users to provide feedback on their requirements.  This part of the project typically involves the HR department.

  • Ease of use. Make templates easy to use and easy to get to.  Provide the templates provider with an up-to-date and relevant organisation Style Guide.  This reduces the cost of altering the template styles after the templates have been built to an inaccurate or out of date style guide.  This part of the project typically involves the Communications department.

  • Customisation. Build and customise applications that work the way your users work.  This part of the project typically involves ' Super Users' such as Executive Assistants and secretaries within the organisation.

  • Change management. Understand the need and what is wrong with the old application. Manage resistance from users who are afraid of being less efficient while switching to new templates.

  • Integration. Integration with other in-house applications critical to achieve the goal of 100% user adoption.

  • Single point of entry for templates.  Provide a single template launcher so users can find the templates they need in one place.

  • Training.  Provide training for all staff in the use of the new templates, this includes new employees as part of their induction training.  Determine if training is to be provided in house or outsourced.  Ensure support staff are adequately trained.

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